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Q Should I get a refrigerator with a top or bottom mounted compressor?

A Commercial refrigerators with top mounted compressors enable more storage and run cooler because warm air is vented upwards. Units with bottom mounted compressors are easier to service and typically less ... Read On

Q Our health department requires our equipment to be mobile. Are there refrigeration units with casters?

A With True refrigeration most units come with casters. They also have a standard warranty Read On

Q This may be a dumb question, but do glass door refrigerators keep products as cool as solid door refrigerators?

A Depending on location if for example if the cooler were right next to a pizza oven then no. However the best reason for having a glass door unit is that ... Read On

Q I heard it matters where the compressor is located. Is this true?

A It is true that compressor location matters. For example, a top mounted compressor will free up more storage room and will generally keep the fridge cooler than a bottom mounted ... Read On