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Q What's better, air cooled ice machines or water cooled ice machines?

A Most businesses prefer air-cooled ice machines. They use less water, are better for the environment, and are cost-effective. One potential disadvantage is that they can increase the room temperature. Water ... Read On

Q I just purchased a new ice machine. How do I prevent the accumulation of grease and dust?

A Hi What brand and model# please call me to discuss Read On

Q Are full cube ice machines a good choice for my bar?

A Yes because cubes are versatile and can perform for many more needs Read On

Q Looking to make some blended cocktails. Should I spring for a nugget machine or flake?

A It depends on a few factors 1. How much water content do you want in that cocktail 2. Pellet or flake units are more expensive why spend or have two ... Read On