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Q What's better, air cooled ice machines or water cooled ice machines?

A Most businesses prefer air-cooled ice machines. They use less water, are better for the environment, and are cost-effective. One potential disadvantage is that they can increase the room temperature. Water ... Read On

Q I just purchased a new ice machine. How do I prevent the accumulation of grease and dust?

A The best way to prevent dust accumulation with an ice machine is to regularly inspect and clean the air filters and the drain pipes. With regard to the air filters, ... Read On

Q Are full cube ice machines a good choice for my bar?

A Yes! Bars have really started to embrace full cube ice machines in recent years. The trend for larger ice cubes is based on real benefits, however. Full ice cubes tend ... Read On

Q Looking to make some blended cocktails. Should I spring for a nugget machine or flake?

A Without accounting for budget or other administrative factors, it is often recommended that you go for a nugget machine when looking to make quality blended drinks. Nugget ice dispenses more ... Read On