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Q What are the advantages of a floor scrubber machine compared to a mop?

A The advantages of an automatic floor scrubber, or auto scrubber, are quite numerous. Floor scrubbers are generally more hygienic, more environmentally friendly (save on water, and can use less abrasive ... Read On

Q Tips for maintaining my floor scrubber machine?

A Thankfully, you wonâ??t have to worry about keeping your tank water separate (clean vs. dirty), as most modern floor scrubbers keep the solution tank and collection tank separate. - If ... Read On

Q My shop has a hardwood floor, what sort of cleaning process should I be using to maintain it?

A Hardwood floor maintenance demands a proper schedule of cleaning. On a daily basis, it's recommended that you use a microfiber mop or pad to clean the dust off the floor. ... Read On

Q Is soap and water good enough for cleaning my restaurant kitchen floor?

A Soap and water is not good enough to use exclusively. Though not every cleaning must incorporate an additional solution, every once in awhile, you should use a cleaning solution that ... Read On