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Q Is there a big difference in the effectiveness of electric and handheld knife sharpeners?

A There is not usually a "big" difference in the effectiveness of electric and handheld knife sharpeners, though the effectiveness of a manual handheld knife sharpener does depend somewhat on the ... Read On

Q What is a better purchase for a commercial kitchen: carbon steel knives or stainless steel knives?

A Stainless steel knives and carbon steel knives each have unique advantages and disadvantages. Below is a 'general overview' of these advantages/disadvantages -- different grades of steel and different manufacturing processes ... Read On

Q Knife maintenance help

A Knife maintenance is important for workplace safety and efficiency, so making sure that your knives are not dull or damaged will help prevent a quite common cause of workplace injuries. ... Read On

Q Does it matter whether I choose a honing steel that is the same brand as my knives?

A It is not a big deal, but yes, generally speaking, industry folks do recommend that you use a honing/sharpening steel that matches the brand of your knives. Manufacturers of honing/sharpening ... Read On