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Schmitzer Farm Service LLC is a company built to serve the homestead, hobby, and commercial dairy industry. We stock thousands of parts and supplies, as well as quality portable milkers built to last.

Supplier of: Plate coolers, Dairy tanks, Milking machines, Dairy filtration equipment, and Milking receivers

Authorized equipment dealer for the Foodservice Industry. Trusted since 1984, we have been highly competitively selling Refrigeration, cooking, food processing, dishwashing and many other items for the industry. Full design/build capability with Restaurant and Institutional ...

Supplier of: Plate coolers, Brewhouses, Cartridge filters, Wine glasses, and Commercial refrigerators

Koolant Koolers is a premier chiller brand founded in 1952, manufactured by Dimplex Thermal Solutions as part of the Glen Dimplex Group. Koolant Koolers offers a variety of nominal tonnages ranging from 1/8th of a ...

Supplier of: Plate coolers, Heat exchangers, Glycol chillers, Blast chillers, and Wine bottle chillers

We supply food equipment and supplies to restaurants, bars, convenience stores, concession stands, dining halls, nursing homes, prisons, hospitals, and anywhere else food equipment is used!

Supplier of: Plate coolers, Commercial refrigerators, Commercial fryers, Commercial dishwashers, and Mixers

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