Vegetable Cutters And Dicers

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Q What is a better purchase for a commercial kitchen: carbon steel knives or stainless steel knives?

A Stainless steel knives and carbon steel knives each have unique advantages and disadvantages. Below is a 'general overview' of these advantages/disadvantages -- different grades of steel and different manufacturing processes ... Read On

Q Do I need to prepare anything specific for my equipment if I’m making sweet potato fries?

A Yes, actually. Sweet potatoes are more difficult to cut than standard Idaho potatoes, so putting them through your fry cutter may slowly damage the equipment over time (and may make ... Read On

Q Burger joint, thinking about adding more fry options. Will my fry cutter handle it?

A It depends on whether you'll be introducing new fries or just flavors (new fries would be something like sweet potato fries or even other root fries like yams). If you're ... Read On

Q I want to cut different style fries now. Do I need to buy a new fry cutter?

A Not likely! Most fry cutters have blade sets that can be attached to allow for new style functionality. Just be careful to purchase compatible sets. You should check with your ... Read On