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Your questions on Self Storage Equipment and Supplies answered by industry experts.

Q How do I determine what size refrigeration system I need for my walk-in?

A It is important to properly size your refrigeration system to match your cooler and how it will be used. The BTUH load calculation is based on the size of your ... Read On

Q Brewhouse Palletization

A Yes they can be skid mounted depending on the size of the brewhouse. Typically you see this on 7BBL and smaller systems and the price really depends on the size ... Read On

Q Is plastic brewing equipment okay to use?

A Hello Plastic is not recommended and it can leach into the wine. Oak is perfect, but a less expensive way to go would be glass Carboys and ad your Oak ... Read On

Q What does it mean for the steel in metal buildings to be hot-dip galvanized?

A Generally speaking, galvanization is the process of applying a coating of zinc to iron/steel/aluminum, in order to prevent rusting. Since zinc has very strong anti-corrosive properties, people have been using ... Read On