Leaflet Inserting Equipment

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Q Should I build my own facility or use a contract manufacturer?

A Typically you'll want a contract manufacturer to start. A contract manufacturer will take care of all needs -you don’t have to train people, maintain equipment, deal with quality control, or ... Read On

Q I’m ready to move past using a contract manufacturer... how do I get started?

A Checklist for a new facility: - Determine size needed - Become familiar with Good manufacturing Practices - identify specific equipment needed to get started Read On

Q I'm going with a contract manufacturer/co-packer... how do I select one?

A Checklist for a contract manufacturer: - Price size years in the business industry reputation location (domestic or abroad) - Are they GMP certified? FDA compliant? - How much materials/supplies will ... Read On

Q What type of primary packaging should I have for my product?

A We can help with blister packaging, clamshells , foil packaging as well as the equipment to seal everything. Give us a call 800-341-5961 Read On