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Higbee, MO Send Message

We are a small cooperage that specializes in making wine and whiskey barrels. We offer 30 gallon and 53 gallon whiskey barrels, and 30 and 59 gallon export wine barrels. We have a few larger ...

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Bamberg, SC Send Message

State of The Art Cooperage Based In South Carolina. Specializes In Producing High Quality Barrels To Quench The Needs of Distilleries Nationwide. #BWBSC

Supplier of: Barrels, Barrel racks and Whiskey barrels



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Hudson, NC Send Message

We sell new and used wine and whiskey barrels and we also make custom furniture out of the barrels as well.

Supplier of: Barrels

Rancho Cordova, CA Send Message

Alternative Solutions is One of Northern California's Main Wholesale Suppliers of One Time Use, Food Grade, 275 gallon Plastic IBC Totes and Open and Sealed Head Plastic & Metal 55 Gallon Drums. We Also carry ...

Supplier of: Barrels, Wine filtration, Totes, Valve Fittings and Drums

Remsen, NY Send Message

Crafting high end premium American white oak barrels. 10, 15, 30 and 53 gallon sizes. Minimum 24-month air dried export grade oak. State-of-the-art charring and toasting technology provides consistency from barrel to barrel, order to ...

Supplier of: Barrels and Whiskey barrels



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Fresno, CA Send Message

Barrels Unlimited, Inc has been providing Oak barrels to the Wine, Beer, and Distilled Spirits industries for over 40 Years. We make NEW American Oak barrels in 5-10-15-20-30 and 59 gallon sizes We also provide ...

Supplier of: Casks, Barrels and Whiskey barrels



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Mequon, WI Send Message

The "Barrel Broker" is a committed GREEN recycling company working to reuse white oak barrels (wine, whiskey and bourbon), barrel racks, silicon/wood bungs and other used wine barrel accessories to help ensure the future sustainability ...

Supplier of: Barrels, Barrel racks, Whiskey barrels and Oak Staves



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Arroyo Grande, CA Send Message

Barrel Cooperage - Used & Recoopered Wine Barrels

Supplier of: Casks, Barrels, Barrel racks and Whiskey barrels



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Santa Maria, CA Send Message

Select Wine Barrels is been in the market for over 15 years supplying thousand of barrels to all USA.

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San Antonio, TX Send Message

Pivo Barrel Works provides quality used wine and spirit barrels for anything from decor purposes to aging beer and spirits. We also provide shaved and recooped wine barrels.

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