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Q Are there significant benefits to using cross-flow filtration for wine?

A There are a number of good business reasons for moving to Cross Flow filtration, they are as follows; - Highest yield of product in filtration. Other types tend to absorb, ... Read On

Q I'm trying to filter about 1200 Liters of wine per hour. I'm trying to pick a filtration system and tech that would work best. Thoughts?

A We would recommend using a Lenticular filter. But many are comfortable with plate filters and these have been used for a long time in brewing. Read On

Q How do I clean my grease filter properly?

A To clean your filters, you should first remove them from the hood and soak them in hot water mixed with a chemical detergent for removing/loosening grease and debris (consult your ... Read On

Q Any advice for good grease filter maintenance?

A First, proper installation of the filter is absolutely crucial to ensuring good maintenance. Do not install your grease filter too close to the cooking equipment. As a rule, donâ??t have ... Read On