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Q I'm trying to filter about 1200 Liters of wine per hour. I'm trying to pick a filtration system and tech that would work best. Thoughts?

A There are different types of depth filtration available out there. Liters or gallons per hour helps but what is your smallest and largest batch sizes? I definitely recommend looking into ... Read On

Q Are there significant benefits to using cross-flow filtration for wine?

A Cross flow is expensive but it is popular in facilities where less or no earth filtration is desired. Cross flow systems cannot handle bentonite lees and other clogging solids very ... Read On

Q How do I clean my grease filter properly?

A To clean your filters, you should first remove them from the hood and soak them in hot water mixed with a chemical detergent for removing/loosening grease and debris (consult your ... Read On

Q Any advice for good grease filter maintenance?

A First, proper installation of the filter is absolutely crucial to ensuring good maintenance. Do not install your grease filter too close to the cooking equipment. As a rule, donâ??t have ... Read On