Pneumatic Bottle Corkers

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Q I'm seriously considering upgrading my champagne corking system from manual to a more automated setup. What's the minimum recommended bottling capacity that makes sense for a semi-automatic champagne corker?

A The bottling capacity of a manual champagne corking system is typically about 100-120 bottles per hour. The capacity of a semi-automatic system is typically about 500 bottles per hour. If ... Read On

Q Are there semi-auto machines which can handle both bottle corking and crowning?

A Yes, there are semi-auto machines that can handle both bottle corking and crowning, but they are not common. You will have to seek out a manufacturer that specifically offers a ... Read On

Q Why do the corks keep popping out of my bottles? What am I doing wrong?!

A The reason the corks are popping out is most likely due to the fact that you're bottling the wine too early, while it's still fermenting. Young wine will continue to ... Read On