Cork Type

Your questions on Corks answered by industry experts.

Q Is there a shelf-life for corks? Once I purchase corks, do I need to use them for bottling within a certain period of time?

A We at Amorim Cork America recommend you use the corks we ship you within 6 months of receiving them. If you have corks older than this, the moisture content may ...

Q Are most wine bottle shapes/colors available in both cork and screwcap styles, or is cork style much more prevalent?

A For standard moulds, both cork and screw cap finishes are available. For lower volume or special moulds, cork is much more prevalent.

Q Some people have told me that Sulphide Like Odors could be a problem if I use screwcaps for my wine bottling instead of corks. Anyone have similar issues, or disagree?

A There is always a risk of sulfur stink, especially when growing conditions have been difficult. Screwcaps do enhance the risk of sulfur stink, but in general, the risk is very ...