Synthetic Corks

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Q Is there a shelf-life for corks? Once I purchase corks, do I need to use them for bottling within a certain period of time?

A We at Amorim Cork America recommend you use the corks we ship you within 6 months of receiving them. If you have corks older than this, the moisture content may ... Read On

Q Are most wine bottle shapes/colors available in both cork and screwcap styles, or is cork style much more prevalent?

A For standard moulds, both cork and screw cap finishes are available. For lower volume or special moulds, cork is much more prevalent. Read On

Q What are some of the diffs between agglomerated and colmated corks?

A Agglomerated corks are corks made from the granulated by-products of natural cork production. They're more economical alternatives to using natural cork. They're bound together using pressurization and adhesive agents, you ... Read On

Q Should corks be soaked before bottling?

A Corks are shipped to wineries with the appropriate amount of moisture in them and soaking is not required and would only cause problems. Corks should have a moisture of between ... Read On