Motorized Grape Crushers and Destemmers

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Q How important is having a stainless steel vs. a painted steel crusher/destemmer?

A It is definitely worth your while to purchase and use a stainless steel crusher as opposed to a painted carbon steel one. Grapes are highly acidic. The corrosive resistance of ... Read On

Q What's the difference between rubber rollers and nylon rollers on crusher/destemmers?

A The rollers are the part of the mechanism that actually comes into contact with the grapes and does the physical crushing. Rubber rollers tend to be softer on the fruit, ... Read On

Q Are different crusher destemmers recommended for specific types of grapes? Or should the type of machine I buy be independent of the varietals I'm using?

A Crusher/Destemmers are not designed for specific varietals. If you are planning on crushing varietals with thin skin, however, such as pinot noir, then you may want to consider purchasing a ... Read On

Q Can you put whole grape clusters (stem and all) in a bladder wine press?

A Yes. And you can expect some decent results. This is not the high yield approach. This is the high quality juice approach. Often times, someone pressing hybrid or native grapes ... Read On