Grape Sorting Tables

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Q I'm considering purchasing a membrane pneumatic press. Can anyone spare some thoughts on getting an open-tank version vs a closed-tank version?

A Each type of pneumatic, or "bladder" press has a tank which is perforated on one side. The other side is where the uninflated membrane resides while in the deflated position. ... Read On

Q Anyone have experience with a Pellenc optical sorting machine?

A We can always argue in favor of more technology in the winemaking process. We can point to labor reduction and amortization tables and all manner of philosophical or scientific reasons ... Read On

Q How important is having a stainless steel vs. a painted steel crusher/destemmer?

A It is definitely worth your while to purchase and use a stainless steel crusher as opposed to a painted carbon steel one. Grapes are highly acidic. The corrosive resistance of ... Read On

Q Why are presses given a capacity rating for whole grapes and fermented grapes? Are there situations where I would need to press both types of grapes?

A The capacity is stated in whole cluster and fermented reds, for example to allow you to plan for batch sizes. You would never be simultaneously pressing fermented and whole grapes. ... Read On