Self-Priming Must Pumps

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Q I want to automate my pump over process (small winery). What's a good, cheap option?

A Two great options are flexible impeller pumps and air diaphragm pumps. They are relatively gentle (which suits the pump over process -- you don't want the pump to shear the ... Read On

Q How can I minimize damage when using a must pump?

A First off, you should try to purchase a must pump that gently transfers your wine mixture. Gentle transfer prevents shearing of the solids that could result in bitter, unwanted flavors. ... Read On

Q Are flex impeller pumps used for the same purposes in a winery operation that an auger pump or peristaltic pump would be used?

A Flexible impeller pumps can be effectively used on must and juice applications that lobe pumps with augers and peristaltic pumps are used on. In fact, flexible impeller pumps offer many ... Read On

Q I'm trying to transfer whole grapes, and minimize the rupturing of the grapes or breaking of the stems. Any suggestions on the type of pump to use?

A Best method of moving whole berries by pump is a peristaltic pump. if that is not available, use a positive displacement pump. Watch your hose or transfer line diameters as ... Read On