Oak Barrel Alternatives

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Q Why is oak fermentation not so popular these days?

A Oak fermentation is much less popular these days as it is not necessary to use oak vats to gain the benefits of oak flavor and aroma. Rather than using an ... Read On

Q There are many different oak powders, chips, and blocks for sale. How do I decide what to buy?

A As a general rule, larger oak products such as barrel inserts and staves are meant for the aging process, while smaller products such as powders, smaller chips, etc. are meant ... Read On

Q Can oak chips, dominos, blocks, etc. be reused?

A Oak chips, dominos, powders, and other smaller oak infusions should generally not be re-used, as the risk of bacterial contamination is quite high. On the other hand, some thicker oak ... Read On

Q How does toasting affect oak chips?

A Oak chips are available in a great variety of toasts, and of course you should keep in mind that toasting can affect the flavor imparted by your oak chips. Toasting ... Read On