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Q Where can I get a pallet of 750 ml wine bottles?

A You can contact All American Containers for your wine bottle needs! Contact us for a list of our bottle options. Read On

Q What are the most popular wine bottle shapes used to bottle ice wine? Starting up a production winery here in the Great White North.

A From what I've seen, the most popular bottle style for ice wine is Bellissima. Read On

Q Are most wine bottle shapes/colors available in both cork and screwcap styles, or is cork style much more prevalent?

A For standard moulds, both cork and screw cap finishes are available. For lower volume or special moulds, cork is much more prevalent. Read On

Q How many pallets are in a truckload of wine bottles?

A If you END LOAD the pallets you can fit up to 24 pallets. If you can PINWHEEL the load 26 pallets. The weight needs to be under 45K lbs. Read On