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Q I'm considering purchasing a membrane pneumatic press. Can anyone spare some thoughts on getting an open-tank version vs a closed-tank version?

A Each type of pneumatic, or "bladder" press has a tank which is perforated on one side. The other side is where the uninflated membrane resides while in the deflated position. ... Read On

Q When purchasing my next wine press, do I need to consider how I separate out the free-run juice and the pressed juice?

A The separation of free-run juice and press-juice should not be a major consideration when purchasing your next wine press. Most modern wineries separate the free-run juice early in the production ... Read On

Q Why are presses given a capacity rating for whole grapes and fermented grapes? Are there situations where I would need to press both types of grapes?

A The capacity is stated in whole cluster and fermented reds, for example to allow you to plan for batch sizes. You would never be simultaneously pressing fermented and whole grapes. ... Read On

Q Can you put whole grape clusters (stem and all) in a bladder wine press?

A Yes. And you can expect some decent results. This is not the high yield approach. This is the high quality juice approach. Often times, someone pressing hybrid or native grapes ... Read On