Rotary Lobe Wine Pumps

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Q How much important is the pumping process in aerating the wine?

A During the fermentation process, many wines are pumped in order to improve aeration. The introduction of oxygen causes certain phenolic compounds in the wine to react and cause oxidation. This ... Read On

Q For processing about 40 tons per hour, any suggestions on the type of must pump I should be looking at?

A If you are going to pump 40 tons of destemmed must I would recommend you compare flexible impeller, lobe and peristaltic pumps. The flexible impeller will provide you the most ... Read On

Q What does it mean when a wine pump is self-priming?

A Self-priming wine pumps can begin operation with a simple flip of a switch. Others, however, need liquid in the pump to start running. Read On

Q How often should I replace the hose on my wine pump?

A There is no industry standard. While I'm sure that other winemakers here on Kinnek have there own adhered-to standards, generally, the hose on your wine pump should be replaced as ... Read On