Stone Mountain, GA

Insect-O-Cutor insect light traps and Guardian glueboard fly lights:

Protecting product and process from flying insect contamination, Insect-O-Cutor (since 1938) manufactures industrial and commercial-grade insect light traps; features and benefits include:

	*  An Exhaustive Selection of Scatterfree Glueboard Units
	   (Portable, Hanging, Wall Mounted & Decorative)
	*  USDA Tested Scatterproof Electrocutors
	*  Stainless Steel Equipment
	*  Safety-Coated Lamps for "Glass-Free" Areas		
	*  Engineering & Systems Design Assistance
	*  Products Made in the USA
	* 110V/60Hz and 220V/50Hz

Models are available for a variety of applications; such as, loading-docks, warehouses, personnel entrances, production areas, laboratories, cafeterias, and countless other areas.

Complement or complete your pest management program with Insect-O-Cutor and Guardian insect light traps.

Insect-O-Cutor- Simple, effective, energy-efficient, around-the-clock product and process protection.

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Stone Mountain, GA



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