Meet Some Kinnekers

“We don't walk in every day to come to work; we walk in every day to succeed. We all share a passion and this company's success pays dividends in more than just monetary profit.”
Ross – Customer Success
“I enjoy Kinnek because we're a small group of hard-working, passionate, and smart people working together to make something big, and we're willing to stay up late brainstorming, coding, dancing, playing board games, and singing karaoke.”
Jenn – Marketing
“Everyone at Kinnek is eager to contribute and consider ideas that will push the company forward. Each day is rewarding in its own way - you have the opportunity to think strategically while rolling up your sleeves to get stuff done.”
Deeya – Growth
“I like Kinnek's flat structure, which is based on collaboration and the expectation that everyone should be thinking about the big ideas to make sure the company succeeds.”
Jeremy – Supplier Operations
“I work in a fluid, fast-paced and transparent environment where there is a huge opportunity to have your voice heard and quickly see the fruits of your efforts.”
Paul – Engineering
“There's real input into how the product develops/functions. There's no hierarchy to ideas. Everyone's just looking for the best thing to do for the product. Egos don't play a role.”
Manav – Data Scientist

About Us!

Kinnek is the first large-scale online marketplace for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), which allows places ranging from restaurants to microbreweries and bakeries to wineries to easily buy the equipment and supplies they need to open and operate. We’re replacing paper invoicing and calling down trade directories with a seamless quoting process and direct connection to suppliers selling the right products at the best prices. And we offer suppliers an evolving set of tools to easily communicate with and win new business. Combined, we're bringing business purchasing into the digital age.

We’ve proven that there is a huge market and demand for our product, and we’re now iterating and scaling to become THE place where businesses manage their purchasing and supplier relationships.

Current Job Openings at Kinnek

Kinnek Jams

Here is a sampling of music we play in the office: