McKernan Packaging Clearing House

Reno, NV

For over half a century, the name McKernan has been synonymous with quality discount packaging.  From our humble beginnings in 1959 until today we have dealt in packaging components that our suppliers consider excess: bottles, jars, caps, sprayers, etc.  We buy them from contract packagers, fillers, and major manufacturers of cosmetics, household products, pet supplies, pharmaceuticals and other products.  All of the packaging components we purchase are Top-shelf:  their only "flaw" is that, for a variety of reasons, the product manufacturer no longer needs them and instead of adding to a growing corporate waste problem, has decided to Precycle® them back into use.  We provide companies a chance to add to their bottom line by selling their excess packaging inventory and at the same time express a social consciousness concerning the environment which is both necessary and great public relations. 

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