Micro Matic

Center Valley, PA

Micro Matic USAn Factor Rep
Ms. Loucretia Woosley
2364 Simon Court
Brooksville, FL 34604
Ph: 352-727-1651
Email: law@micro-matic.com

Drafting Solutions from Keg to Glass.
Micro Matic USA, Inc. has been helping
breweries, retailers and beer lovers enjoy the
taste of draft beer for over 50 years. An industry
leader in the manufacture and sale of draft beer
dispensing systems, we provide a complete
system solution. Knowledgeable representatives
work with the customer to design a system.
Our goal: the investment our customer makes
will meet their needs and deliver a quality glass
of draft beer. A network of Certified Installers
for installation and maintenance throughout
North America. We offer state-of-the-art
dispense training, from personalized on-site
training to intensive hands-on training at one
of our classrooms, we realize knowledge is
critical to the retailer’s success. We constantly
seek new and innovative dispense products
from tower designs to stand alone refrigeration.
Global manufacturing capabilities, four U.S.
warehouses, training facilities, have established
Micro Matic as a leading provider of draft beer
dispensing systems.

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