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Branford, CT

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Wrote a review similar to Bigwheel Brewing last year but was removed by the Kinnek team. Bill Reaves is a part time middle man for the company from China. He ... see more
Sugar Hill Brewing Company in Saint Paul, Virginia
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O'Neill's Brewing Systems LLC

Wrote a review similar to Bigwheel Brewing last year but was removed by the Kinnek team. Bill Reaves is a part time middle man for the company from China. He doesn't tell you the equipment comes from China until it is on the water. His engineer is Hieng who will arrive a few days after the equipment, only to help with the installation. Our equipment arrived a full six months after our first payment was sent. We were assured it was a 100 day turn around. Installation was to take from 3 to 7 days. Hieng only works 8 hours a day. After 10 days I made Bill make arrangements to have Hieng leave. Bill can only be on site weekends due to the fact he works another job. We've had many issues with the equipment and have had to pay out of pocket each time. Don't bother. I could go on. Anyone interested in seeing what kind of person Bill is, we will gladly share our emails.


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Reply from: Joe Fish of Joe's Deli

O’Neill’s Brewing disputes the accuracy and validity of the comments and statements in the Sugar Hill Posting. O’Neill’s staff acted professionally in dealing with Sugar Hill and during the installation and start-up of the brewing system. Sugar Hill failed to meet its contractual obligations in terms of customer installation responsibilities, timely review and approval of key documents, and other obligations. O’Neill’s provided support to Sugar Hill during the warranty period of the agreement and gave technical support to address any issues they had. The warranty period expired many months ago and O’Neill’s has provided support to their brewer past the warranty period. Sugar Hill has been making great beer on the O’Neill’s System since it was installed and they have won several awards as a result. There are ample Sugar Hill postings on Yelp, Trip Advisor and other beer and restaurant websites that highlight the high quality of the O’Neill’s brewing system and the high quality of the beer being produced on the system. It is our understanding that Sugar Hill is growing and expanding its business. It sounds like a great success story. The proof of the brewing system is in the quality of the beer produced !!



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