Parijat Controlware Inc.

Houston, TX

Parijat develops applications that assist corporations with their automation, control systems, and monitoring needs. Our products act from within the control room to give full access to the operator all from a single machine. They create a link between maintenance workers, operators, and plant managers. If something goes wrong in your plant, our software sends messages to all designated parties telling them exactly what the problem is, so that maintenance can fix it, and so that management can make sure that products get where they have to be, when they have to be there.
Our applications reduce downtime by optimizing the efficiency of your machinery; they increase worker efficiency because the software tells workers exactly where the problem lies; it even reduces wasted supplies because the software itself can decide how much of an input should be added to the machine in order to produce the output that you need.

No matter what industry you are in, Parijat can help.

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