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  • 100 x Bottle red Koozies for Foundation And Club in Illinois
  • 500 x 16 oz Clear Plastic cups for Candy Company in Maryland
  • 72 x No artwork Stemmed Wine glasses for Specialty Shop in Ohio
  • 50 x Wooden Either Slide or Hinge-Top Wine boxes for Beer, Wine, And Liquor Store in New York
  • 100000 x 7 oz White Disposable cups for Food Company in Minnesota
  • 5000 x 4 oz Other Disposable cups for Candy Company in New York
  • 5000 x 16 oz Clear Plastic cups for business in Texas
  • 80000 x Other Other Plastic cups for Restaurant in Alabama
  • 20 x Can Black Koozies for Personal Products Company in North Carolina
  • 100 x Can Gray Koozies for Recreational Center in Minnesota