Angela Crone

Memphis, TN
In the early 90's I was the Regional Operations Manager for a Medicare reimbursement consulting firm with home offices on the west coast yet I was based in Nashville, TN. I was responsible for operations in 8 different states and my job required a significant amount of travel. My husband (of almost 30 years now) was finishing his graduate training at Vanderbilt University and we were both averaging 80 hour work weeks. We were young and energetic and at the time the travel was fun and we loved the frequent flyer perks on our limited budget! When my husband started interviewing for "real" jobs near the completion of his graduate training, my travel and responsibilities were such that I was not able to attend interviews with him (ha, yes, it was de rigueur in his traditional profession back in 1992 that the potential employer meet the spouse!) In an effort to make myself available for interviews and to have a say in our future, I requested a leave of absence from my "real job" and ended up helping a friend of a friend during the holidays in her very chic and popular Nashville retail stationery store. The pay was minimum but the hours were flexible and it was there that I discovered my passion for not only retail, but for all things unique and personalized. Starting, I think, with The Preppy Handbook in 1980, I had always been mad for anything monogrammed, engraved, personalized, or bespoke, not to mention pens and paper and beautiful invitations, so I was in heaven! Of course, along with every invitation went all of the accompanying accessories including what else but custom napkins, cups, and plates to match! Three months later I was completely hooked and knew that no matter where we ended up with my husband's job, I wanted to be a retail stationery store owner. That was the beginning of The Paper House in Memphis, TN. In 2002 The Paper House went online as Paper House Online and in 2016, Cup of Arms was created as a successor to Paper House Online.

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