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The shelf life in an unopened and sealed poly bag is conservatively 6 months. If the bag is opened you …
The wine corks should not be sprayed, soaked or boiled prior to bottling. Most wine cork treatments are water based …
There is a wine cork grading chart used by CTCOR and the wine cork manufactures in Portugal. Please see the …

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2 pallets x Wine bottles for Winery in South Carolina
200 bottles x Wine bottles for business in Texas
35 cases x Wine bottles for Winery in New Jersey
55000 x Corks for business in California
5000 x Straight Natural - Agglomerated / Microgranule Corks for Winery in Tennessee
500 cases x 375ml Cork Wine bottles for Food Company in Maryland
5000 x 22.5 mm Wine Corks for Beer, Wine, And Liquor Store in North Carolina
1000 x Other Champagne Corks for Brewery in Pennsylvania
120 cases x 750ml Cork Wine bottles for Beer, Wine, And Liquor Store in Pennsylvania
20000 x 24 mm Wine Corks for Winery in New York