Ben Loseke

I started Midwest Barrel Company after seeing the need for a local source of barrels for our states craft beer and wine industry.  It quickly took off as our prices seemed to be highly competitive and quite often lower than other barrel brokers.  I have an MS in Horticulture with an emphasis in Viticulture (growing grapes) and am currently finishing up my doctorate in the same field.  My education has allowed me to network with people in the industry located all over the world.  Midwest Barrel Company's mission is to serve our customers in the highest way possible.

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Oak Barrel rack for business in Pennsylvania
Oak Barrel rack for Distillery in New York
20 x 59 Gal (220 L) Used Barrels for business in Michigan
4 x 53 Gal / 200 L Level 2 Char Barrels for Brewery in Minnesota
20 x 59 Gal (220 L) Kombucha Barrels for Brewery in Nevada
10 x 59 Gal / 220 L Any Toast Level Barrels for Bar in Missouri
10 x 59 Gal (220 L) Medium Barrels for Winery in Washington
200 x 53 Gal / 200 L Any Toast Level Barrels for Furniture Store in Pennsylvania
53 gal / 200 L Medium Plus Barrel for Coffee Shop in Georgia
250 x 30 Gal / 114 L Any Variety Barrels for Beer, Wine, And Liquor Store in New York