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Typically oak barrel sizes are chosen by the varietal being made. Bordeaux varietals (merlot, cab sac. etc) use Bordeaux barrels …
Sloped bottom usually used for Red Fermentation where the cap is left when the wine is drained and hence are …
Use a credible dealer if you want a warranty. Individuals are difficult to get some kind of warranty from. You …

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2 x 50 gal wine tanks wanted for Brewery in Oregon
3 x Food or Beverage Grade (USP/FCC) 55 gallon drum Propylene glycol for Food And Beverage Distribution Company in Oregon
1 x 1000 gal wine tanks wanted for Winery in Oregon
5 x 1.5 inch Brewery Hoses for Brewery in California
200 x 60 Gal New Barrels for Consulting Firm in California
1cm x 1cm Winery Oak Chip for Winery in California
10-12 tons 3 tons Grape crusher/destemmer for Winery in California
200 tons Muscat Grape crusher/destemmer for Distillery in Washington
Variable Speed New Wine pump for Brewery in California
Jabsco Flexible Impeller Variable Speed Wine pump for Winery in California