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  • 3x7 inches Poly-lined Paper Bag sealer for business in Connecticut
  • 2000 x Clear Poly white frosted bag or possible black frosted or black with bottom half clear window to see product as close to bottom of bag as possible. Need to see the flower by custmer Stand-up pouches for Advertising And Pr Agency in Washington
  • 5000 x Metallized / Mylar matte silver Stand-up pouches for Contract Packager in Florida
  • 5 pounds 18.25 inches Pouch filler for Farm in Virginia
  • 5.1”W x 8.1”H+3.1”G Polypropylene Bag sealer for Bakery in Maryland
  • 2500 x Wet Without Pouch Filler Stand-up pouches for Nonprofit in Georgia
  • 28.4 grams/1oz 6x1 Pouch filler for Food Company in New York
  • 1500 x Bottles Clear Shrink bands for Beverage Company in Michigan
  • 1200 x PVC Bottles Shrink bands for Beverage Company in Wisconsin
  • 5500 x Bottles White Shrink bands for Beverage Company in Texas