Blairstown, NJ
I've been employed as a regional sales and engineering support person since 1991 in the field of industrial fluid handling products, which has included numerous factory visits in several countries.

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  • Water Ultra/Membrane filtration Water filtration equipment for business in Georgia
  • 20 x 1" Solenoid Valve (NSF); 120vac 100F for business in North Carolina
  • Motor-Driven Stabilizer Metering pump for Brewery in Ontario
  • 3/4' or 1" 0-100 Valve for Plastic Products Company in Oklahoma
  • 5 x 1" Restaurant Valves for Restaurant in Texas
  • 15 x 1/2 in Laboratory Valves for Engineering Firm in Arizona
  • Motor-Driven Food grade chemicals Metering pump for Chemical Company in Tennessee
  • 1 1/2 inch under 100 Valve for Printing Company in New York
  • 3" saw mill Valve for Wood Company in Maine
  • 256 x 3/8 inches 50-75 fahrenheit Valves for Farm in Oregon