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    Back in January, I broke down a few of my corny kegs and noticed a good deal of build-up inside of the dip tube. I'm afraid that might be why my lines pour a bit foamy despite the fact that the system seems to be fairly well-balanced. My process for cleaning my kegs is, generally, always the same: once I've run empty on beer, I'll depressurize the keg, take off the lid, rinse it out, fill it about halfway with water and add a half scoop of OxiClean before soaking it. Afterwards, I put the lid back on before turning the keg upside down and allowing it to soak again. Add another thorough rinse-out before I dump about a gallon of Star San into the keg. Finally, I'll pressurize it and let the keg sit until filling it up again one last time. If the o-rings aren't damaged, I keep them on, and I never do anything with the posts. My question is this: how often should I be completely breaking-down my corny kegs?


    The build-up could be beer stone and if it is you'll need an acid to remove it. If you can ...