Douglas Smith

Canal Fulton, OH
Doug Smith Founded SmithCNC-USA based on his 40 years in the manufacturing field globally. Mr. Smith’s background includes; business management, supervision project and project organization, mechanical engineer strong in analytical problem solving, journeyman, pattern maker, tool and die maker and CNC programming. In 2004 Mr. Smith had the foresight to see the need for global sourcing and he hit the nail on the head serving a highly specialized market. Now with four offices in China, operations in Mexico and three warehouse locations in the United States SmithCNC-USA has become an industry leader for global outsourcing. Mr Smith was featured in 2009 Forbes Magazine on his unique business model “One Way To Save U.S. Manufacturing Jobs” Also in Global Post September 22, 2013 “A Rust Belt victim transforms himself into a successful China hand” SmithCNC-USA, LLC serves as a manufacturing management company. It does business with U.S. manufacturers seeking sources for manufactured products in China and Mexico. The company maintains and contracts with a selective group of suppliers, both open and captive, ranging from foundry castings, die castings, forgings, and welded fabrications to finish machined, on-site inspected and completely assembled parts. They offer exceptional resources in high quality plastic molds and stamping dies

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