Fermin Diaz

ACASI Machinery

Miami, FL
Director, Sales

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  • 2400 BPH Bottle Labeling Machine wanted for Brewery in Michigan
  • Manual / Handheld Bottle Capping Machine wanted for Metal caps for business in Georgia
  • 800 BPH Bottle Filling Machine for Juice needed for Cleaning And Janitorial Company in Texas
  • Food Product Without Particulates Filling machine for business in Oregon
  • Need quote for 720 BPH Automatic Hard Alcohol Bottle Filling Machine for Distillery in Alaska
  • Quote for Bottle Filling Machine wanted for Biotech And Seed Producer in Arizona
  • Need quote for 30 BPM Semi-automatic Tea Bottle Filling Machine for business in Florida
  • Need quote for 300 BPM Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine for Brewery in California
  • Need quote for 2000 BPH Automatic Sauce Bottle Filling Machine for Personal Products Company in Nebraska
  • Need quote for 600 BPH Semi-automatic Hard Alcohol Bottle Filling Machine for Distillery in Texas