Lancaster, PA
The year was 1995. We were searching for quality, food-grade glass containers and closures at an affordable price and found none. So we decided to start our own container business. We quickly discovered that many others were in the same predicament. Home canners were having a harder time finding canning jars in the store, especially from August through May. Small start-up businesses wanting to put their best recipe in a jar found that home canning jars were too expensive, and home-canning jars leave no room for a label! Other jar distributors wouldn't return phone calls for less than pallet-size or truckload orders. Those who found us by word-of-mouth were thrilled to find a source of jars, and even more excited by the reasonable pricing. We figured all we needed to do was spread the word, so we decided to try a simple web site on the Internet. As expected, more food-packers started calling as a result of the web site, but we had not even contemplated the world of container candles! We have slowly added a variety of containers to our stock offering for both food and candle use as we listen to the needs of customers. More recently, candle-makers have indicated the desire to purchase all their supplies from a single affordable source, so we have been expanding our offerings to include premium soy container wax, full-strength made-for-soy fragrance oils, and high-quality natural wick assemblies. We're glad that you have found us! Let us know if there's something we can do to improve our selection and service.


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120 jars x 16 oz Clear Glass Jars for business in North Carolina
125 jars x 16 oz Without Artwork Glass Jars for Religious Organization in Tennessee
500 x 64 oz Clear Growlers for business in Texas
200 x Other metal cookie tin Shrink bands for Candy Company in California
5000 bottles x 16 oz Clear / Flint Glass bottles for Grocery in Nevada
200 jars x 16 oz Clear Glass Jars for Nonprofit in California
1000 jars x 16 oz Clear Glass Jars for Bakery in Illinois
1000 jars x 4 oz Clear Glass Jars for Food Company in California
1000 bottles x 12 oz Round Glass bottles for Farm in Oregon
1000 jars x 8 oz Clear Glass Jars for Farm in Oregon