Bethany Stafford

Fulcrum Promos

New York, NY
Vice President, Business Development
Fulcrum Group is a full service agency with over 20 years combined experience in merchandising, print media, events, eCommerce and fulfillment. We provide strategic programming, complete execution and customizable marketing campaigns to help your company develop its core values and achieve its goals. 

Our wide range of printing and promotional merchandise services gives clients customized and creative pieces vital to strengthen their brand presence, enhance market awareness and to help them achieve overall and long-term success. Whether Fulcrum serves as a consultant, producer/organizer, or the merchandise supplier, we deliver all components to create an exclusive experience and maximum brand exposure like no other.

Bacardi, Nike, Nickelodeon, MKTG INC, Jack Daniel's, Beats by Dre, Arizona Beverages, Brown-Forman

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  • 400 x Other Beer Mug Beer glasses for Event Or Festival in Colorado
  • 10000 x Single sided Pulpboard Drink coasters for Brewery in New York
  • 2000 x 5 oz Clear Disposable cups for Specialty Shop in Pennsylvania
  • 100 x Single sided Square Drink coasters for Specialty Shop in New Mexico
  • 288 x 16 oz Standard Pint Glass Beer glasses for Bar in New York
  • 144 x 32 oz Amber Growlers for Brewery in West Virginia
  • 72 x 64 oz Amber Growlers for business in North Carolina
  • 72 x 32 oz Amber Growlers for Bar in Texas
  • 144 x 64 oz Amber Growlers for Bar in Oregon