Gina Shay

Petraea Plus

Oakland, MI
President, Certified Sommelier, CSW
Gina Shay has been in the craft beverage industry for 15 years and has worked extensively in eastern North America, providing closures and other wine packaging, barrels, and oak alternatives. She is a Certified Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers and a Certified Specialist of Wine through the Society of Wine Educators. Her goal is to help you find the right oak flavor profile to frame your beverage while letting your signature style shine through, or to display your barrels on racks that are as practical for production as they are sexy for a consumer tasting or dinner. Read more about oak impact on beer, wine, spirits and what's happening in craft beverages in eastern North America at

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  • 200 x 3 x 27 American Oak Staves for Restaurant in Delaware
  • 100 x 53 Gal / 200 L Any Variety Barrels for Brewery in Virginia
  • 20 x 53 Gal / 200 L New Barrels for Farm in Georgia
  • Metal 8ft Barrel rack for Winery in Michigan
  • 20 x 59 Gal (220 L) New Barrels for business in New York
  • 14ft 53gal Barrel rack for Distillery in Michigan
  • 100 x 5 Gal / 20 L Any Variety Barrels for Brewery in British Columbia
  • 10' 59 gallon Barrel rack for Tourist Attraction in Illinois
  • 9000 x 53 Gal / 200 L New Barrels for Distillery in Florida
  • Round Oak Barrel rack for Distillery in Wisconsin