Heidi Amsler

Richmond Hill, ON
Sales & Marketing Manager
W. Amsler Equipment Inc. is a Canadian company founded by Werner Amsler. Since 1994 the Amsler group has been helping plants in North America and worldwide with PET Stretch Blow Molding Machines and ancillary equipment such as: Empty Bottle Inspection systems (leaks, wall thickness, batch counting,, fallen bottle) Spin Trimmers, Air Compressors, Custom Conveyors, Blow Molds, Mold Testing, Pilot Production, Process training and Turn Key Plant Design and Installation.

W. Amsler Equipment Inc. is the only North American manufacturer of all-electric linear PET stretch blow molding equipment, 100% designed, built and serviced in North America.  Our manufacturing and production showroom is located just north of Toronto, Ontario.

Amsler Packaging Solutions can offer filling equipment and turnkey installations for Liquid Filling Projects.

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