Minneapolis, MN
Sales Rep
I help companies and non-profits maximize their marketing efforts through supplying print and promotional products. I am passionate about deepening my relationship with my customers so I can help them through the process by brainstorming and supplying unique and creative ideas. Some of my customers include the MN Vikings, Fairview Hospitals, KTIS Radio, University of Northwestern, North Central University, and Eden Prairie High School. Providing the best service and products is my goal. Whatever you need with your logo on it I can do!

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Recent Quotes:

  • 300 x Black Neoprene Growler sleeves for Cidery in Texas
  • 500 x Generic Round Drink coasters for Store in Florida
  • 500 x 32 oz Translucent Plastic cups for Charity in Alabama
  • 200 x Generic Other Drink coasters for Coffee Shop in Montana
  • 50 x Adult Printed Logo or Design Promotional caps for Food Company in Colorado
  • 1000 x 12 oz Clear Plastic cups for Coffee Shop in Alberta
  • 500 x Double-sided Cork Drink coasters for Financial Services Office in Pennsylvania
  • 1000 pieces x Can Black Koozies for Beer, Wine, And Liquor Store in Kentucky
  • 1000 x Double-sided Foam Drink coasters for Beer, Wine, And Liquor Store in Kentucky
  • 100 x Single sided Stone Drink coasters for Beauty Salon in Illinois