Jeff Sommer

Etobicoke, ON
VP Business Development
Welcome to my profile... about me.... at the end of the day I want to make your life easier, and help you grow your business with great labelling. 

I am super passionate about labelling, and helping clients brands be stand out and be different. I love working with different materials and print processes to improve our your brand and help grow sales. That's really what it's about - Owning the Shelf - being different and enticing consumers to pick your product. Did you know that if a consumer actually picks your product up off the shelf and holds it they are 80% more likely to buy.

I love the technical details about making your project work... from choosing the right paper or film, the best adhesive, and making sure your labels are easy to apply. My goal is to educate you and make your life easier when it comes to labelling. 

In my personal life, I am into crossfit and cycling, and also am a real foodie. I love trying new cuisine, new restaurants, and love the social interaction around food, craft beer, wine, and great cocktails. There is no better way to get to know people than over a great meal. I'm a huge Blue Jays fan and grew up playing baseball, and also a little college ball. 

I hope to get to know people here on Kinnek, do some great work for people, and who knows maybe even make a few friends while we're at it.

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  • 20000 x Removable Polypropylene Bottle labels for Chemical Company in South Carolina
  • 40000 x No artwork Removable Bottle labels for Medical And Diagnostic Lab in California
  • 10000 of one x Square Cut Multiple Images Bottle labels for Food Company in New York
  • 5000 x Permanent Any Material Bottle labels for Brewery in Michigan
  • 60006000 x Permanent Square Cut Bottle labels for Beverage Company in Michigan
  • 5000 x Permanent Any Material Bottle labels for Distillery in California
  • 5000 x Permanent Any Material Bottle labels for business in Kentucky
  • 5000 x Any Material Glass Bottle labels for Brewery in Alberta
  • 5000 x Permanent Polypropylene Bottle labels for Brewery in Washington
  • 30000 x Standard Paper Other Bottle labels for Advertising And Pr Agency in New York