Jeremy Gordon

Savery USA

Orlando, FL

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  • 300 gallon 4ft Dairy tank for Brewery in Arizona
  • 600gal 8ft Dairy tank for Food And Beverage Distribution Company in Florida
  • 1 to 1 1/2 hr. Salsa and some allergen products. CIP system for Food Company in California
  • 2000 gallons 12 ft Dairy tank for Food Company in Florida
  • 200 gal 8 ft Dairy tank for Food Company in Oregon
  • 3000 gal 10 ft Dairy tank for Dairy in Idaho
  • 6000 gals 8 feet Dairy tank for Consulting Firm in Massachusetts
  • 7-8 hours at most, not sure. Cleaning Products CIP system for Chemical Company in California
  • 1 hour Recovery CIP system for Industrial Contractor in New York
  • 500 gallons Food or Beverage Holding tank for Beverage Company in New Jersey