John Krol

Rochdale, MA

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  • 200 x Etched Stemless Wine glasses for Insurance Company in Virginia
  • 200 x Stemmed / Footed Glass Standard and Sampler Glasses Beer glasses for Brewery in North Carolina
  • Countertop New Commercial grill for business in Massachusetts
  • 48 x 64 oz Amber Growlers for Grocery in Idaho
  • Built-in, Countertop or Portable Concession stand Commercial grill for Food Truck in Ohio
  • 40 lbs New Commercial fryer for Restaurant in Kansas
  • Solid (Full Length) New Commercial refrigerator for Religious Organization in Pennsylvania
  • 300 x No artwork Stemless Wine glasses for Party And Event Planner in North Carolina
  • Glass (Full Length) Bottom Commercial refrigerator for Restaurant in Illinois
  • Solid (Full Length) Bottom Commercial refrigerator for business in Illinois