Torrance, CA
Crystal Vision Packaging Systems (CVPS) has been serving the packaged goods industry since 1984. CVPS provide a complete line of high quality packaging solutions from packaging equipment to printed shrink film, including; Shrink Sleeve Applicator, Heat Tunnels, L/I  Bar Sealers, Bottles & Caps, Vape Bottles (30ml & 15ml, clear, amber, cobolt with shiny and matte black tips), Polyolefin and PVC Shrink Film, Tamper Evident Cut Bands, Induction Sealers, Heat Guns, Preforms. Please call John Simrose at 800-331-3240 or for your inquiries. 
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  • Plastic Standard Induction sealer for Food Company in Kentucky
  • 12 inches Manual Vacuum packaging machine for Catering Service in California
  • 3.6''x2.6'' Individually-wrapped Shrink tunnel for Brewery in British Columbia
  • 4" diameter Individually-wrapped Shrink tunnel for Distillery in Ohio
  • 20 inches Chamber Vacuum packaging machine for Food Company in Nebraska
  • 10000 bottles x 12 oz Clear Plastic bottles for Beverage Company in Nebraska
  • New 20 BPM Shrink tunnel for Beverage Company in Nebraska
  • 16 oz Clear Plastic bottle for Beverage Company in New York
  • 100000 bottles x 16 oz Clear Plastic bottles for Beverage Company in North Carolina
  • 400 x Permanent Any Material Bottle labels for Personal Products Company in New York