Kevin Cantero


murrieta, CA
dedicated to the brewing movement

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  • Keg Washer and Filler Dual head for Brewery in North Carolina
  • 2 bbl Brewhouse with 2 - Combined Mash/Lauter, and Combined Kettle/Whirlpool vessels for Brewery in Pennsylvania
  • 1 or 2 bbl Electric Brewhouse wanted for Brewery in Quebec
  • Need quote for 5 bbl Brewhouse for Brewery in Texas
  • 5 bbl Steam Brewhouse wanted for Brewery in Pennsylvania
  • Need quote for 5 x 100 gal Fermenters for E-Liquid Company in Maryland
  • 4 x 2000 L Fermenters wanted for Distillery in Oklahoma
  • Quote for Brewery Tanks wanted for Brewery in Maryland
  • Need quote for 1 x 2 bbl Fermenters for Brewery in Oregon
  • Need quote for 4 x 15 bbl Fermenters for business in Nebraska