Joseph Keefe

Pinnacle Lift of NY

Oceanside, NY
Sales Manager
We are the NYC Metro Areas #1 provider of material handling products such as forklifts, scissor lifts, tow tractors, pallet jacks and more.

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  • 12 ft 5000 pounds Forklift for Personal Products Company in California
  • 16 foot minimum 2500 pounds Forklift for Brewery in West Virginia
  • Kegs and Brewery supplies With or Without Scale Pallet jack for Brewery in Pennsylvania
  • 1FT 2000+ LB Forklift for business in Florida
  • 12 ft lift height 5000 lbs Forklift for Brewery in Texas
  • 12 ft 4000 lbs Forklift for Winery in Oregon
  • 1000 x 48 x 40 Plastic Bottles Pallets for Consulting Firm in New York
  • 12ft lift height 5000lbs Forklift for Brewery in New Jersey
  • BOOK Without Scale Pallet jack for Business Services Company in New York
  • 2 x Can good Without Scale Pallet jacks for Grocery in New Jersey