Julie Goding

Bay Tech Label

Asheville, NC
Sales Manager

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  • 1000 x Clear 2-color Promotional stickers for Restaurant in Florida
  • 4000 x Permanent Any Material Bottle labels for business in Georgia
  • 5000 x Permanent Square Cut Bottle labels for Brewery in Illinois
  • 5000 x Permanent Polypropylene Bottle labels for Brewery in Washington
  • 1000 x White .5'' Promotional stickers for Printing And Publishing Company in Texas
  • 1000 x White 4-color Promotional stickers for Catering Service in New York
  • 10000 x White semi-circular Promotional stickers for Brewery in South Carolina
  • 10000 x Clear 1-color Promotional stickers for Bakery in Maryland
  • 30000 x Standard Paper Other Bottle labels for Advertising And Pr Agency in New York
  • 10000 x Standard Paper 3 inches Bottle labels for Personal Products Company in Florida