Kadri Pereira

Vancouver, BC
Idea Optimizer
Promotional products professional since 2003 focusing on quality of every aspect of our services and products. Looking to grow your business? Contact me for ideas and suggestions. USA: 646-257-4046
Canada: 604-638-7137

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  • 3000 x Double-sided Pulpboard Drink coasters for business in California
  • 4000 x 3 x 3 in White Napkins for Charity in South Carolina
  • 200 x Can Pink Koozies for business in North Carolina
  • 500 x Generic Pulpboard Drink coasters for Foundation And Club in Pennsylvania
  • 10000 x 4 oz Other Disposable cups for business in New York
  • 2000 x White and Clear 3 inches Promotional stickers for Brewery in Hawaii
  • 100 x Can Neon green Koozies for Industrial Contractor in Louisiana
  • 5000 x 10 oz White Disposable cups for business in Washington
  • 20000 bottles x 1 L Screw Cap Liquor bottles for Distillery in Texas
  • 100 x 48 oz Without Ice Core Beer pitchers for business in Alabama