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Vancouver, BC
Idea Optimizer
Promotional products professional since 2003 focusing on quality of every aspect of our services and products. Looking to grow your business? Contact me for ideas and suggestions. USA: 646-257-4046
Canada: 604-638-7137

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  • 36 x 16 oz Barrel Style Copper mugs for Beer, Wine, And Liquor Store in Kansas
  • 200 x 16 oz Barrel Style Copper mugs for business in New Jersey
  • 120 x 10 oz Tankard / Beer Stein Style Copper mugs for Hospital in North Dakota
  • 500 x Single sided Cork Drink coasters for Hotel in Arizona
  • 100 x large enough to hold 3 32oz boston rounds insulated tote bags for Beer, Wine, And Liquor Store in California
  • 1000 x Bottle red Koozies for business in Minnesota
  • 250 x Can mossy oak Koozies for Printing And Publishing Company in Mississippi
  • 3000 x 22.5 mm Wine Corks for Winery in California
  • 500 x Yes - Both sides 7x13 in Bags for Restaurant in Virginia
  • 500 x Single sided Pulpboard Drink coasters for Food Company in Ohio