Kadri Pereira

Vancouver, BC
Idea Optimizer
Promotional products professional since 2003 focusing on quality of every aspect of our services and products. Looking to grow your business? Contact me for ideas and suggestions. USA: 646-257-4046
Canada: 604-638-7137

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  • 500 x Paper or Cardboard Plain Bottle carriers for Grocery in California
  • 1500 x 22.5 mm Wine Corks for business in California
  • 100 x Wall-mount Etched or Engraved Bottle openers for Real Estate Firm in California
  • 400 x Printed Plastic Wine bags for Tourist Attraction in Texas
  • 1000 x I want my logo embossed and with spot UV; 1 color Paper Wine bags for Beer, Wine, And Liquor Store in Georgia
  • 175 x 10 oz Either pure copper or copper plated Copper mugs for business in Minnesota
  • 1000 x 22.5 mm Wood Corks for Distillery in Pennsylvania
  • 3000 x 19.5 mm Wood Corks for Distillery in Ontario
  • 72 x 16 oz Barrel Style Copper mugs for Online Store in New York
  • 2000 x Other 1 oz Plastic cups for Retailer in Ohio