Karen Heitz

Santa Rosa, CA
Customer Service & Specialty Sales

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  • 7 wine tanks wanted, 2x 300 gallon and 5x 660 gallon tanks for Winery in Minnesota
  • 8 x 500 gal wine tanks needed for Winery in Minnesota
  • 1200 BPH Wine Corking Machine wanted for Beverage Company in Ohio
  • 50 BPM Corking Machine needed for business in Ohio
  • 1 x 40 hL wine tanks wanted for Cidery in Virginia
  • Need quote for 5-15 BPM Semi-Automatic Wine Corking Machine for Food And Beverage Distribution Company in Ohio
  • New Vibrating Grape sorting table for Winery in California
  • Frequency Drive Used Must pump for Farm in Texas
  • 20tons 2 tons Grape crusher/destemmer for Winery in International
  • Need quote for 1 x ~450-500 gallons wine tanks for Winery in California